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5. What is an integration?

In SKYVVA you create interface for the different purpose. Normally the company has different and many interfaces to exchange data between existing application. You could have integration to connect SAP, Google or eBay to Salesforce. If you put all interface into one single view you would lose easily the overview. Therefore, the best approach is to create a logical folder or group to hold interface belonging to the same specific business context.

SKYVVA integration is such a concept to create a container or folder to keep related interface together. Therefore, in this example, you can create an integration with the name “Salesforce SAP Integration” in which you create all interfaces related to SAP connection. Another integration name could be “Salesforce Google Integration” to hold all interface related to Google business.

Another good use for creating different integration and not only having to put everything together is for training purpose. Therefore, you can create in your company different integration for different training purpose. One integration is for the real business and another integration is for training so you do not mess up the interfaces between training and production integration.


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