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1. Install SKYVVA

To install SKYVVA App you need a user with Admin rights. Request for this user and follow the screen below to install the SKYVVA software. The installation link you get from the SKYVVA support team.

For example for installing the version, 2.42 there is the following link:

In this example, we show the installation into a sandbox system. Therefore, we will use the second URL.

With a user with admin right log into the Salesforce instance.

 Login to the Salesforce instance. For this example, it is a developer sandbox

Check the email of the user. The result of the installation if failed or success will send to the mail address associated with the user.

In this example, the installation result will send to the mail address

Now just copy the URL into the browser address bar.

In this screen example, you see the installation of SKYVVA version 2.42

Enter the URL then you will get this screen.

We recommend selecting the first option.

You can also install for the specific profile like shown in the following screen.

For this option, of course, the admin has unrestricted access to the SKYVVA software. In this example, the only user with the profile Standard User and Standard Platform User has access to SKYVVA.

This screen is showing…

After a few minutes, e.g. 3 minutes you get this screen.

Now please check your email to see the status of the installation. Here is the mail you will get after around 3 minutes.

After getting this mail, click on the button “Done” to close the installation process. Now you have installed the SKYVVA app.

You can now access to SKYVVA App by log into Salesforce. Select App Launcher then click on SKYVVA Integration Cloud app.


And you will get this pop-up screen. This screen shows that you got no access to use SKYVVA Lightning Components.

Note: To be able to use Lightning Components of SKYVVA Integration App Cloud you have to enable My Domain setup. You can resolve this case by navigating to My Domain which available in Setup. 

How to enable My Domain

As we mention above, you have to enable your My Domain to be able to use SKYVVA Integration App Cloud otherwise you will face some problems as your Lightning tabs, components, and pages will be disabled when your organization is upgraded. Here are a few steps you can follow to enable My Domain:

  • Click on Setup

  • In a Quick Find box type My Domain to find and then select it

There are four steps to enable My Domain:

1. Choose Your Domain Name: Enter a domain name and check whether it’s available. Be sure of your name before registering since you can’t edit your My Domain once you register it.


2. Domain Registration Pending: When the registering is done and ready for testing you will get an email.

3. Domain Ready for Testing: You can log in to test your domain. Please Click on login button.

After you click on the Log in button, the pop-up screen will appear and just click on the Open button.

When you clicked it, the new tab will open because Salesforce will switch back to the classic version. Then you have to click Deploy to Users button to activate the new Domain.

4. Domain Deployed to Users: This is the last step to enable your My domain. After Deployed you can now switch to Lightning by clicking on the “Switch to Lightning Experience” link at the top of Salesforce Page. 

After a few seconds, you will redirect to Login Page prompting you to log in. Just input your Username and Password

You are land in Homepage of Salesforce in Lightning mode. Click on App Launcher then select SKYVVA Integration Cloud App.

Note: If you have a problem display some objects of Integration, please creates permission set and choose license as Salesforce.


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