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10. Reprocessing



Reprocessing is a process where we process the failed or pending messages or basket or bulk.

Message Reprocess:

“MessageReprocess” job can be done manual reprocessing and the automatic reprocessing.
MessageReprocess Job is the process to be used for reprocessing failed and a pending message from the previous integration. It might be failed if the user does not edit or edit wrong business logic in IMessage Data.


MessageReprocess depends on two status.

  1. Pending Message (Yellow)
  2. Failed Message (Red)

Basket Reprocess:

Processing the basket and then basket gets failed due to the error then the reprocessing can pick up the basket again and reprocess it again then its a reprocessing of the basket.

Bulk Reprocess:

Bulk reprocessing is when we are reprocessing an attachment inside bulk inbox and it gets failed then it will be bulk reprocessing.


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