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48. What is SKYVVA Connector Module?

This document describes how to set up the Skyvva custom module used by SOAP receiver channels to call webservices in Salesforce. The module handles session management and enhances the functionality of the SOAP adapter creating an easy way to use interface with Salesforce

Skyvva Module in SOAP Adapter

The Skyvva module is integrated in SAP-PI and extends its functionality (as shown in the figure below). Instructions on deployment can be explained below.

Deployment of Skyvva module Connector in SAP PO –

Open Winscp and provide the highlighted details as shown in the below screenshot


Once we provide the details click on login then we can see the below pop-up wizard



We will get the SDA file from Skyvva support team then drag the SDA file from where you have saved in the local directory and place the file to the path usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

Open putty to undeploy the previous SDA file

Call up telnet e.g. telnet localhost 50108. The telnet port is normally 5 <Instance No.> 08

Log into telnet with the admin user and password.

To deploy the SDA file use the below –

deploy /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in/SKYVVA_Integration_EAR_71x_correlation_batchsize4.sda on_deploy_error=stop


If we want to undeploy use the below –

undeploy name=SKYVVA_Integration_EAR on_undeploy_error=stop


Now the undeployment is completed.

For V2 module configurations follow this link –

For V3 module configurations follow this link  –

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