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9. How to Create Metadata provider in Salesforce (Direct SAP->SF)


This unit describes:-

How to Create Metadata Provider and Import metadata from sap in salesforce .


In this chapter, you will learn about the “Create Metadata Provider and Import Metadata From SAP in Salesforce”.

The service is used to create message type in salesforce .

Create Metadata Provider, Import Metadata from SAP and create message type in salesforce.

To create metadata provider click on tab metadata provider then click on New button and  give the metadata name then Save as shown below screenshot


After save metadata below screen will come, Now click on New button to create repositories as shown below

Give the repository name and select object format type :(”SAP IDOC,SAP BAPI, SAP Table/view) and save as shown below

After save the Repository below screen will come , now click on button “Import SAP metadata”

Select the below details from list as per your requirement then click on retrieve button as shown below

It will display all the object from sap which you have selected above, now you can search you object name here as shown below

Select your object name from list and click on create message type .

Once you click on Create Message Type it will create message type in salesforce as shown below

Now use this message type in Interface .

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