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8. Generic Use of Multit-Tab


This unit describes:-

How to use Skyvva MultiItab-Function module( /SKYVVA/MULTI_ITAB_ADAPTER_V3 ) in SAP Z Program/FM


This document describes how data can be transferred to SFDC within your own Programs. The MultiItabAdapter allows you to transfer data of different RFC/BAPI or Structures(DDIC), which you have filled before in your own FM/Report, within one SKYVVA FM Call. The routing to the different Salesforce Objects is implemented with workflow in Skyvva-IntegrationSuite on SFDC.

1. SAP Implementation Part

1.1 Prerequisites

Please use repository based typing instead of program-internal types for the RFC/BAPI definition and Structure definition (DDIC). Otherwise the Adapter will have problems at runtime.

1.2 Implement a sender module for the transfer of Internal Tables (ITAB)

In this example a Sender Module : ZV3_BINARY_FILE_TRANSFER has been implemented .
This Module is also used in salesforce for metadata provider in salesforce to create message type in salesforce on the Interface-definition of this module.

Note : We are supporting a single importing/exporting parameter only in RFC/BAPI to send data from sap to salesforce. The parameter must be table type only which can be hierarchical tables or flat table.

Follow the below steps to Create the function module and interface.

  1. Create table type structure in SE11.
  2. Create function module in SE37
  3. Create importing parameter for sending data from sap to salesforce.
  4. Create exporting parameter for receiving data from salesforce to sap.
  5. Call the Multi-tab function module /SKYVVA/MULTI_ITAB_ADAPTER_V3 in side function module.
  6. Pass the all required parameter in multi-tab function module base on required scenario.
  7. save and activate the function module which is created by you.
  8. Create message type using your function module.
  9. Create the interface and do the mapping.
  10. In case if you change the function module importing/exporting parameter field(add/remove),override the message type and delete the field from message type in related tab which is remove and check if add field is there
  11.   Do the mapping again.
  12.  Configure the Function module in SAP/AGENT Control Board.
  13. Finally call the function module from any report/program and send the data from sap to salesforce

1.Create table stature

2. Create Function Module with parameter

in the importing Parameter “IM_MATERIAL_DATA” has data need to send  salesforce and the exporting parameter “EX_RETURN” has field or structure coming data back from salesforce in that format.

3. Calling function module /SKYVVA/MULTI_ITAB_ADAPTER_V3 in side Z function module

The importing Parameters

1. im_integration_id is the mandatory parameter in which we pass salesforce integration id
2. im_iinterface_id is the mandatory parameter in which we pass salesforce interface id.
3. im_endpoint is the mandatory parameter in which we pass salesforce endpoint name in endpoint we have maintain salesforce login details .
4. im_resp_param_name is the optional parameter in which we pass response param name which is exporting parameter of skyvva calling FM (Multi-tab).
5. im_req_param_name is the mandatory parameter in which we pass request param name which is importing parameter of skyvva calling FM .
6. im_req_data is the mandatory parameter in which we pass request data internal table which is importing parameter of skyvva calling FM

The Exporting Parameter
1. EX_RETURN is the parameter which return error/success message .
2. IM_SF_RESPONSE is the parameter which return the response from salesforce which is the exporting parameter of calling skyvva FM.
The content of this Itabs is send via v3 adapter . The following lines are necessary for
passing the data to the MultiItabAdapter .

Example code :

IF im_material_data IS NOT INITIAL .
**   Selecting function module config data to get integration & interface id
SELECT from /skyvva/multitab INTO @Data(ls_config_data)

**Calling muti-tab function module to send sap data to salesforce
im_integration_id           ls_config_dataintegrationid ” salesforce integration id 
im_iinterface_id            ls_config_datainterfaceid  “salesforce intrface id   
im_endpoint                 ls_config_dataendpointid ” connection name
*       IM_RESP_STRUCTURE_PARAM_NAME  =  if response required from salesforce
im_req_structure_param_name ‘ZTT_MATERIAL_DATA’ “”Function module table type pass in importing parameter
it_req_data                 im_material_data ” data need to send salesforce
*       IM_DATA                     = IM_DATA
ex_return                   ex_return“”return message error/succss
*       EX_SF_RESPONSE_DATA         = EX_SF_RESPONSE_DATA ” in case data retrive from salesforce need to pass struture 

4. Prepare data and call z function module in report/program.


Remark: the importing/exporting structure must be used in salesforce as message type.

For call skyvva interface in a Asynchronous mode do not pass the response parameter “im_req_param_name” and exporting response parameter “IM_SF_RESPONSE” in skyvva Multi-tab FM.

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