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5. IDOC Configuration in SAP


This unit describes:-

How to configure routing, the Port and Partner Profile to send Idoc data to SAP


IDoc is an SAP object that carries data of a business transaction from one system to another in the form of electronic message. IDoc is an acronym for Intermediate Document. The purpose of an IDoc is to transfer data or information from SAP to other systems (ie Salesforce) and vice versa.  The transfer from SAP to non-SAP system is done via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) subsystems whereas for transfer between two SAP systems, ALE is used.

IDoc can be triggered in SAP system or in EDI subsystem. This depends on the direction in which IDoc is sent and is called as Inbound IDoc and Outbound IDoc accordingly. In case of outbound flow, IDoc is triggered in SAP through document message control which is then sent to EDI subsystem. EDI converts the data from IDoc into XML or equivalent format and then sends the data to partner system through Internet.

Configuring the Port and Partner Profile 


To send the outbound IDocs, you must first define a port and a partner profile. All  interfaces can use the same port and the same partner profile.

In partner profile we define the system which are going to communicate between themselves and send data, here we give (SALESFORCE) as logical name which are going to be partners in data communication. We set it using WE20.

Port is a medium through which we send the data it connect one system with the system in other end its unique, depend on the scenario we use diff ports, according to our scenario we will have Port type (ABAP-PI) .we select the ports we set port using WE21. Without defining a port we can’t communicate with other system it’s the linker b/w the 2 system


For the port definition use (WE21), you can use the port type (ABAP-PI). Processing in the SAP system is started with a synchronous RFC and the Function module Name will be /SKYVVA/IDOC2REST_ADAPTER_V3.

To create port perform the following steps:

  1. Go into the SAP ECC System and proceed to transaction WE21
  2. This will show the following screen, Select the ABAP-PI folder from right side , enter your port name, description and function module name as “/SKYVVA/IDOC2REST_ADAPTER_V3
  3. Now use this port in Partner Profile (Tcode WE20) .


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