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Create Adapter in Salesforce

Goto App-Launcher.

Choose SKYVVA Integration

Goto Adapter Tab And Click on NEW Button





Enter Details, Name & Type. For endpoint, we have to configure in SOAMANGER in sap
We use ide7(820) server for this.

GOTO T-code : SOAMANAGER & login with credentials

Choose WEB service

Enter *SKYVVA* in search. And choose the last line.

Enter any Service name and Binding Name: HTTPBINDING and then Next.

Then click on Next -> Next -> Finish.
Now, you see your created service.
Click on the Display icon

Goto – Trasport Setting Tab and COPY ‘Calcuated URL’

Now GOTO salesforce skyvva, where we left for endpoint.
Put your copied Url in this format : PUT URL HERE ?sap-client=820
Enter id – pwd of SAP

Save and Test Connection.

Now Your Adapter is Ready

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