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5. What is SKYVVA SAP CPI Adapter in Salesforce?


What is Skyvva SAP CPI adapter in Salesforce

1.    About SAP CPI Adapter

Skyvva SAP CPI adapter is used in Salesforce to connect the SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

SAP CPI adapter in Salesforce is used in Skyvva outbound interfaces to push the data.

On SAP CPI end, SAP standard HTTPS sender adapter should be used.

To configure the SAP CPI adapter in Salesforce, below is the navigation path.

Integration > Details > SAP Control Board > Adapter

Under adapter click on new to create the adapter.

1.1 SAP CPI Adapter Parameters:


Name<Define the name of the adapter>

Example: “SAP_CPI_Adapter_Account”


<CPI adapter is used in SKYVVA outbound interfaces>

Description<Provide the adapter description>
Authentication Type<Choose the authentication type>

Example: Basic, OAuth, Certificate Based authentication

Generate CSRF Token<For CSRF token generation to authenticate>
Protocol<Transport Protocol>

Example: HTTP

HTTP Header<To send any headers>
API Service Endpoint URL<SAP CPI endpoint URL to send the data>
URL Query Parameter<To send the URL Query parameter in request>
Operation<HTTP Verb>
Request Format<Request Data Format>

Example: JSON

Response Format<Response Data Format>

Example: JSON

Username<SAP CPI technical user name>
Password<SAP CPI password>
Salesforce Id HandlingWill be available in next versions


2.    SAP CPI Adapter limitations:


  • Only JSON format data is sending from Salesforce (XML format will be supported in later Skyvva versions)
  • Only basic authentication is supported, (OAuth & Certificate based authentication will be supported in later Skyvva versions)
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