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2. How to create an inbound interface using integrate Apex URL with SKYVVA CPI Salesforce Adapter


This document describes how to create an inbound interface using Integrate – Apex URL with SKYVVA CPI Salesforce adapter. And also, document briefs the implementation of SAP CPI and Salesforce interfaces which includes the testing as well.

In this case considering Account as an object API at Salesforce end and message will be triggered from POSTMAN client tool to Salesforce using SAP CPI as middle-ware.

Salesforce Interface Development

Create an Interface under Integration in Salesforce, in this example creating interface name as “Account_CPI”

Below are the necessary parameters need to entry while creating the interface.


After providing the above parameters in the interface, save it.


SAP CPI Development

Create the package in SAP CPI in Design and add the integration flow.


Integration Package:      Apsara Salesforce Adapter Testing

Integration Flow:            Apsara Account Interface to Salesforce_Demo32

SAP CPI receives the request message from POSTMAN/SOAPUI in json format. Since this use case is defining the capabilities of the SKYVVA SAP CPI Salesforce adapter, simple integration flow is defined with required channel parameters.

Please find below integration flow:

On sender side, choose the sender adapter “HTTPS” and provide the channel parameters details as below including with the CPI endpoint URL.

On receiver side, choose the receiver adapter “Salesforce” Skyvva adapter and provide the channel parameters as below.

Where the Login Url,  User Credential details (deployed in CPI keystore), Client Id and Client Secret shared from the Salesforce system.

For Skyvva section below are parameters need to define for integrate.

Bulk API section is not needed since we are not using the bulk mode in this use case.

Once all the above channel parameters are defined save the integration flow and deploy.

Go to CPI > Monitoring > Manage Integration Content to get the endpoint URL of CPI integration flow.

Please find below screen shot for reference.

CPI Endpoint URL:




In this scenario, using POSTMAN as the client to push the data to SAP CPI endpoint URL, then message will send to Salesforce through SAP CPI using SKYVVA CPI Salesforce adapter.

Note: Salesforce interface accepts the data in the below Json format. Since this example is using simple integration (without any transformation logic’s in CPI), below data format is sending from POSTMAN directly.


Where integrationid is name of the Integration in Salesforce & interfacename is interface name in Salesforce.

Use the above payload and CPI endpoint URL to trigger the data from the POSTMAN.

Monitor the message in SAP CPI:

Go to CPI > Monitor > Monitor Message Processing


Salesforce Monitoring:

Go to  Salesforce > Message Monitoring

Account related data posted successfully into the Salesforce system.

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