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6. Generic Inbound Configuration

To send the data from Salesforce to SAP using SKYVVA, we can use 2 approach

  1. Send data using HTTP Protocol
  2. Send data using HTTPS Protocol

Here, we can select the protocol based on the Reverse-proxy setting. If Reverse-proxy send the data using HTTP protocol then we need to configure using below configuration.

Run the SOAMANAGER transaction in SAP, it will open below screen in Web Browser. Here select the option „Web Service Configuration“

Now in the new screen, for the Object Name; search for /SKYVVA/*. It will list down all the Consumer Proxy and Service definition from SAP repository.

Select/Click the service /SKYVVA/GENERICINBOUND_HTTP

Here, select the option „Create Service“

Enter the details for „Service Name“, „Service Description Text“ and „New Binding Name“. Once done press on „Next Button“

Now select the below option and press „Next Button“

Here, no need to fill anything, just press the „Next Button“

In the below screen, press the „Finish Button“ to complete this configuration. After this a new service will be generated in SAP.

Now select the option of View the configuration as below:

Here, we need the value of „Calculated Access URL“ from the „Transport Settings“ tab. This will be used when we will create the Adapter in Salesforce ( https://apsara-consulting.com/docs/sap-erp-s4-hana-adapter/create-adapter-in-salesforce/ )


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