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5. Create SAP Adapter in Salesforce – Classic Version


Prerequisite – Create Remote Site Settings using host name (IP Address) & Port Name.

Remote Site Setting –> Before any Visualforce page, Apex callout, or JavaScript code using XmlHttpRequest in an s-control or custom button can call an external site, that site must be registered in the Remote Site Settings page, or the call fails.

Path to access:: Setup–>Security–>Remote Site Settings

Login into your Salesforce organization and go to the “Adapter” and click on New Button

Enter the required details and press Save

Following screen will appear after pressing Save. Here press the option for “New Property”

Here create 4 properties

  1. Endpoint — Use the generated path of genericinbound service of SOAMANAGER (Generic Inbound Configuration)
  2. Username — SAP User name
  3. Password — Password of SAP Client
  4. IsMultipleResponseLine – When there are multiple value in response (a table or list) from SAP, if we don’t set this as true then values will be come as a string. So to treat each value as separate entry in Salesforce it’s values must be set as true.

Once all property properly created, it will looks like below.

Now press “Test Connection” to check if everything works fine. If below message appear then connection has properly been set up between Salesforce & SAP using our SKYVVA adapter. This means we can proceed for Interface creation for the direction of Salesforce to SAP.


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