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8. Configuration of IService

Learning Objectives:-

This unit describes:-

  • How to do Configuration of IService?


While sending data from SAP to Salesforce, we need to configure the path of the SKYVVA adapter which will receive the data from SAP. To achieve this we need to configure one consumer proxy on the SAP side. Through this, we are making sure that data will be delivered at the correct Salesforce Organization.

How to use it:-

  • Run the SOAMANAGER transaction in SAP, it will open below screen in Web Browser. Here select the option “Web Service Configuration”


  • Now in the new screen, for the Object Name; search for /SKYVVA/*. It will list down all the available SKYVVA “Consumer Proxy” and Service.

Select/Click the service /SKYVVA/CO_ISERVICES

  • It will open a new screen, here select the option “Create” and choose the option “Manual Configuration”

  • Here, enter the “Logical Port Name” and its description and then press “Next”

  • Now select the option “User ID / Password” and press “Next”

In this screen, we need to give the details of the URL of Salesforce (Organization URL for the Salesforce) along with the path for the IService where data will be sent from SAP and also the protocol which will be used while sending the data and once done press Next.



  • In the next screen, we need to select the “Message ID Protocol” and this should be “Suppress ID Transfer” and press Next.


  • Now, just press the Next button.


  • At last, it will show the operation involved in this proxy. Here select the option Finish.


  • At this moment a logical port will be generated in the SAP. We need to use this when we will configure the Interface in SAP.
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