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3. New Feature



We have now new skyvva built in adapter(SkyvvaSalesforce) in SAP CPI  for the V4 inbound processing which needs to be deploy in the CPI tenant. It will support normal Integrate Synchronous, Asynchronous, SKYVVA Batch, SKYVVA Bulk and Autoswitch modes.

By using this adapter we can send hierarchical payload. Previously with V2 inbound processing we don’t have such kind of feature. V2 inbound processing supports only flat structure.

V4 Inbound processing supports the following modes –

  1. Normal Integration (Asynchronous)
  2. Synchronous
  3. IntegrateBatch
  4. IntegrateBulk (Skyvva Bulk and Salesforce Bulk)
  5. AutoSwitch

We have now new adapter screen in SAP CPI

Below are the settings for SkyvvaSalesforce Adapter.

General Tab –

We use this SkyvvaSalesforce adapter only in the receiver direction (Inbound direction which is going to SKYVVA from SAP CPI)

Direction – Receiver

Adapter Type – SkyvvaSalesforce

System – Receiver

Transport Protocol – https

Description – We have to provide the adapter description

Message Protocol – skyvva

Connection Tab –

Here we have to specify the login URL –
For sandbox environments: https://test.salesforce.com
For production environments: https://login.salesforce.com

User Credential means the username of the salesforce organization

Client Id and Client Secret we will get it from the Skyvva Connected App.

The value of Skyvva API Version are:
– V2
– V3

The field Integration and Interface are mandatory field.

Available modes from the dropdown list are
– Synchronous

– Asynchronous

-Skyvva Batch

-Skyvva Bulk


-Salesforce Bulk

Default value is ‘Synchronous’ if nothing is specified.

Value of Request Format are:
– xml
– json

Default value is json when nothing is specified.

Value of Response Format are:
– xml
– json

Default value is json when nothing is specified.

The value of the field Skyvva App Version is just a string number as 2.47.2, 2.48.0, etc. Here we will not provide any pre-defined values. The user just need to enter a number. If they don’t enter any number then the default value is 2.48.0 because that is our current version of the Skyvva App.


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