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3. New Feature


New Version V4 of Inbound processing

We add a new design in a new version v4 of inbound processing in order to split up the payload between the business data/pure data and SKYVVA system parameters. The SKYVVA system parameters like Integration name, Interface name, and mode, etc. will be passed through the query parameter, not in the body in version v3. The core functionality is still the same as version v3 for you to easily manage your data payload.

Added new Data Loader

We have added a new data loader to enable manual load, Mass Manual Load, and Export Data function. It uses for uploading and downloading a huge file and a much higher value of data. Only CSV and XML files are supported for both import and export.

Added several adapter New Agent Adapter

We added several New Agent Adapter as example Agent RabitMQ, Agent JMS, Agent ActiveMQ, and Agent SAP S/4 HANA.

  • Agent RabitMQ adapter to integrate to the RabitMQ queueing system. It accepts messages from producers and delivers them to consumers. It acts like a middleman which can be used to reduce loads and delivery times taken by web application servers.
  • Agent JMS adapter to connect to the JMS queueing provider. A staging area that contains messages that have been sent and are waiting to be read (by only one consumer). As the name queue suggests, the messages are delivered in the order sent. A JMS queue guarantees that each message is processed only once.
  • Agent ActiveMQ adapter is used to connect the ActiveMQ queueing system. It will translate messages from sender to receiver. It can connect multiple clients and servers and allows messages to be held in a queue, instead of requiring both the client and server to be available simultaneously in order to communicate. Messaging can still happen even if one application is temporarily indisposed.
  • We have been added the Agent SAP S/4 HANA adapter. It is a new feature like the existing SAP S/4 HANA adapter. However, It has more power than the SAP S/4 HANA adapter. It can invoke the local API, and it is responsible to make the connection inside your enterprise. If you want to invoke with internet zone, you will only open the firewall for the new Agent. Therefore, you will not open your business application to be accessible through the internet. It will keep your business application was safe and secure.
  • Agent SAP All-in-One is similar to the Agent SAP ERP adapter. It is used to connect the SAP All in One system and access the data between Salesforce and SAP All in One.

The new agent is possible to manual processing

We have been added manual processing in the interface and interface group for inbound and outbound processing. On the outbound processing, there are two options to be processing. You can processing by manually select the sObject using the Query Builder and the SOQL statement on the interface to select the sObject.

Enhanced New agent support JSON and XML file format

We have enhanced several new agent adapters that supported JSON and XML file formats, and there are Agent File, Agent Kafka, Agent Pulsar, Agent JMS, Agent ActiveMQ, and Agent RabitMQ.

Enhanced New Agent to support V2 processing as old the Agent

We have enhanced the new agent for processing the old integrated v2 with the flat data. You do not need to redesign the old configuration anymore while you use the old technique. To use this function, you have to change only the adapter from the old agent to the new agent.

Auto Create SQL statement in Database Query based on do mapping

In the previous release, you have to enter the SQL statement in the interface manually. With this enhancement, we have added a function where the SQL statement is now getting generated automatically based on your mapping with the graphical mapping tool. Thus you do not need to care about entering manually the SQL statement for the external database. But you still have the possibility to change and add as you want using the manual way.

Enhanced Agent Database adapter for New Agent

-In the previous release, you can use outbound processing with INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT operation for executing records on the database. With this enhancement, we have added a new UPSERT operation that is possible to update and insert records at the same time based on the record’s ID to check the records that are existing or not. For example, if it is existing records, it will update the records. If not, it will insert records into the database.

– Agent Database adapter support for the stored procedure(Outbound direction) while it has a response back to Salesforce.

REST/SOAP adapter supports Salesforce Authentication Provider

We have added a new picklist value ‘Salesforce Authentication Provider’ to use the built-in Salesforce authentication provider with the REST/SOAP adapter. With this function, you can use the Salesforce authentication provider additional to the Skyvva authentication as for example Basic Authentication, OAuth 2.0, etc..

Generate Raw Payload for inbound and outbound processing of SOAP, REST, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub adapter

We have added a new feature regarding Generate Raw Payload. This function uses to debug and define the error in case the data is not correctly transformed. It will create a file and link to the API or parent message, and you will see its original state. To use this function, you need to have checked the “Raw logging Payload” field in the inbound and outbound interface. For inbound processing is not support with ASYNC Mode.

Add outbound scheduler of New Agent Control Board

Outbound scheduler processing is the new feature that allows you to set a schedule to process automatically for the outbound interface in the scheduler tab of the agent control board.

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