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2. New Feature


Added new “Delete + Upsert” Init Operation of IChain Interfaces

We have added a new feature “Delete + Upsert” init Operation of IChained Interfaces. This feature will be allowed to delete, insert and update child records.

  • Delete non-incoming records.
  • Update existing incoming records. There are two ways to update the records. It updates child records in existing parents or updates another parent. For example, Account.A takes all children and inserts them into the current parent. Then insert Account.B that has the same child as a previous parent (Account.A), so it will update and move the child records to AccountB.
  • Insert incoming child records that do not have existing.

Added Remove Connection after Refresh Button on Configuration Tab of New Agent Control Board

We have added the “Remove Connection after Refresh” button on the Configuration Tab of the New Agent Control Board. This button will remove all connection and cache records on the salesforce side after system refresh.

The New Data Loader will be able to export JSON data payload

We have added JSON in Data Type format for exporting JSON data payload from New Data Loader.


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