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  4. 4. Bug Fixed

4. Bug Fixed


The mapping generates the wrong query on the Database Query

Fixed generating wrong query table name of Database Query field while the mapping has third level mapping.

Not allowed doing next step while the type field is not selected

There is an error that occurred while saving the agent setting. The type field is required, but we can continue to do the next step while we do not select it. This issue has been fixed.

The messages are wrong while sending data is completed of SAP PI/PO adapter

There is an error that occurred while we were callout V3 processing with SAP PI/PO adapter. The message generated failed when the records reached the target system. This issue fixed by generating a message completed while the status code from 200 to 299.

Fixed set context level on mapping

Fixed generate the wrong relationship on a set context level that equal to the parent level. For example, the mapping path will generate to Reference Field Uncle instead of Reference Field Parent And Above.

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