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Removed Manual Load, Mass Manual Load, and Export Data

We have merged Manual Load, Mass Manual Load, and Export Data into a new function called Data Loader. You will find the Data Loader under custom links of the integration detail page.

Added new “Generate raw payload?” field to Interface Layout while upgrading the new release

We would like to inform you that every new field created by us will not display on page layout when you upgrade to a new release of SKYVVA. To be able to use those fields you have to manually add them.

Follow the following instruction to added a new “Generate raw payload?” field:

  • To be able to add this field to the page layout. You can click “Setup” Setting on the top of the interface page.
  • In the “Quick Find” box type the word “Object Manager” or click on the object manager tab.
  • Click on object manager then scroll down the page to find the “Interface” or you can search it in the “Quick Find” box, then click it.

  • On the interface page, please select the “Page Layouts”, then select “IInterface Layout” page layout name.

  • You can search “Generate raw payload?” in Quick find
  • Drag and drop the “Generate raw payload?” fields, then click save Layout.

You will able to see this field on the interface detail page.

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