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2. Bug Fixed


Screen crash in Lightning component while the governor limit exception is raised 

Fixed issue that an error occurred was in storage out of limit. Therefore, the user clicks some cloud tab will be crash or get an error.

Export get an issue with the same repository name which is different MetaData Provider

There is an error that occurred while the user export repository, therefore the repository names are the same with different MetaData providers. The export will be confused to export all repository which in the same this name. This issue has been fixed.

Re-Generate Level and sequenceNumber of the MessageType after Changing the Parent

The MessageType is able to hierarchy and none hierarchy by the business structure of the user. There is an error that occurred while the user change parent of messageType, therefore level, and sequenceNumber not re-generate of those fields. This issue has been fixed.

Can not sort manually mapping in the mapping tool

Fixed issue which users map IStructure source field to IStructure to target field with the outbound interface. Therefore, the mapping will be sort by the ascending source field automatically. Now users can sort manually mapping or ascending, descending order in the target field.

Not Able to Clear Id the Previous Selected

There are a few fixed errors with selected previous id such as

  • There is an error that occurred while the user-selected MetaData Provider, after the user enters and selects Integration, and clicks the export, therefore it cannot export because the id is not the value of Integration object.
  • Fixed issue while the user checked MedaData Provider after entering to the integration tab and check Integration and then clicking delete button so the MetaData Provider and Integration have been deleted.


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