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2. Bug Fixed


Not Able to Reprocessing Message Manually with Soap Adapter

To reprocessing the message which messages are failed, pending, and new status. There is an error that occurred while reprocessing the message with the SOAP adapter. Therefore, the message is not working to reprocessing messages in message monitoring.

Added Missing Field into Import and Export Function

Added missing field to Export and import were in IMapping to retrieve “Full Target Path”, “Full Source Path”, “Reference Field Parent And Above”, and “Reference Field Uncle” field.

Not able to Reprocessing Message which has a few child’s failed message in Partial Completed

There is an error that occurred while partial completed has a few child’s failed messages. Therefore, the child messages are not able to reprocess messages manually wherein Message Details.

Missing Input Parameters in Failed Massage with Callout V3

Fixed issue that failed message is not able to save parameters for reprocessing by passing from API call of V3 outbound processing with mode SYNC.

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