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3. New Feature


New version V3 of inbound and outbound processing

At the moment, SKYVVA can push records with a flat message payload. The new enhancement has been added to handle hierarchical message payload for the inbound and outbound processing. This is called the new version v3 of inbound and outbound processing.

Enhanced mapping tool to support hierarchical mapping

With the current mapping tool, the only flat and simple payload can be mapped. If it comes to hierarchical and complex data structure you have to split the interface in separate mapping and join them as parent-child interface. This is too complex and not handy enough. Therefore new functions have been added as the following:

  • Enhanced Formula Function (adding new node called “Function”: a shortcut to do Formulation or Functions by drag and drop the “Function” node then the Formula and Expression Menu will pop-up)
  • Enhanced Mapping to support Soap and Rest with the new version of outbound processing
  • Enhanced Validation (To alert and avoid mapping incorrect ways)
  • Enhanced ‘Set Context Level’ that allows users to be able to mapping from a low level to a higher level for Inbound.

The new inbound and outbound processing which uses the new mapping functionality is called v3 of mapping or inbound and outbound processing. For further writing in this release note, the term v3 is linked to the new feature of the hierarchical and complex mapping used with the new inbound and outbound processing.

Support Salesforce REST and Bulk Query to retrieve large volume data

New operations are now available which provides REST and Bulk Query using the Salesforce REST and BULK API 2.0 to fetch large data from salesforce.

  1. REST Query: queries records using the REST API and leverage the feature of fetching the result set page by page.
  2. REST Query All: same as the REST Query but in this case also deleted records can be selected from the recycle bin.
  3. Bulk Query: queries records using the Salesforce BULK API v2.0
  4. Bulk Query All: same as the Bulk Query but in this case also deleted records can be selected from the recycle bin.

Enhance Message Monitoring to support Event- and API Monitoring

Currently, Message Monitoring can be used to monitor only messages for data synchronization. Since there is a move to the integration application system based on event and API there is a need to have a monitor to show the event and API communication. With the new monitor, we add a filter to allow to chose the following mode:

  1. All: selects all types of monitoring entries.
  2. API Monitoring: retrieves messages which have API call using SOAP/REST adapter.
  3. Event Monitoring selects messages which create platform events based on the inbound message.
  4. Message Monitoring: selects messages which have been created by normal integration.

Data Loader support hierarchical XML

The SKYVVA data loader can use hierarchical XML based on a new mapping tool that supports complies and hierarchical mapping in one shut.

SKYVVA Bulk and Batch Mode support the new version V3 of Inbound Processing

Currently, bulk mode and Batch are old inbound processing, which supports flat message to fetch large data. New enhanced bulk mode and batch mode processing now supports V3 Inbound processing to handle hierarchical message payload.

Workflow Support New Version V3 of Outbound Processing

Previously, invokeCallout2() method was used in order to pass data from the screen with the flat message. The new version adds the invokeCalloutV3() method to handle the hierarchical message, workflows in new version outbound processing.

New Formula Functions

There are a few new formula functions, which allows users can be used:

  • GETMESSAGEID() formula function on mapping for getting SKYVVA__MessageId from outbound interface.
  • GetCorrelationID() formula function on mapping for getting correlation id value.

Re-Order by Sequence Number for Repository and MessageType

Currently, MessageType and Repository are reordered by manually changing sequence numbers, therefore added the Re-Order button on Repository and MessageType section in order to generate auto-reorder MessageType and Repository.

New Version of the SOAP and REST Adapter

Currently, the SOAP and REST adapter works with the flat request message and flat response message. With the new enhanced version, it is able to generate hierarchical XML (SOAP adapter), JSON (REST adapter) requests, and process the hierarchical XML (SOAP adapter), JSON (REST adapter) responses.

Acknowledgment Handling

  • Created new Message Status (blue-black color) to handle correlation error when response message (inbound) cannot find the request message (outbound) and response message (outbound) cannot find the request message(Inbound).
  • Correlation outbound has implemented an asynchronous response message for correlation between request message (Outbound) and response message (Inbound) base on SKYVVA__MessageId with new version outbound processing format.
  • Correlation Inbound is implemented as an asynchronous response message for correlation between request message(Inbound) and response message(Outbound) with new version outbound processing format base on three fields:
  • RequestId(Default)
  • TransactionId
  • TransferId


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