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2. Bug Fixed


Cannot Import MetaData Provider while IStructure reference to IStructure of Another repository 

There is an error that occurred while the user links IStructure to IStructure of another repository from other MetaData Provider. If the user exports MetaData Provider, it will be lost a relationship. When the user imports it, it will get an error “First error: Attempt to de-reference a null object”. This issue has been fixed.

Added Missing Field into Import and Export Function

Added missing fields are in Integration, Interface, InterfaceGroup, Imapping, MessageType and IStructure.

  • Import and export were in Integration in order to get Retry Time Interval, Max Number of Retry, and API Retry field.
  • Import and export were in Interface to get Retry Time Interval field.
  • Import and export in Interface Group to retrieve Retry Time Interval, Max Number of Retry, and Max Number of API Retry field.
  • Export and import were in IMapping to get Copy From, and Formula Path field.
  • Export and import in Message Type in order to get Category, CustomMessageType and Version field.
  • Export and import in IStructure are able to get Manually Added and Source Name field.
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