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1. Bug Fixed


Partial Complete Message Not Working Properly

An error occurred which handle to message hierarchical status. The partial complete message always jumps to complete status while reprocessing one of child messages is completed, though others are still failed, pending, new, and canceled messages. The issue has been fixed.

Error in Edit and Create New IStructure

Fixed various IStructure issues were in Interface Related Page and MessageType Related page.

  • To edit existing IStructure while the user is able to save & new button, but the IStructure has still modified the old existing one. It does not create the new IStructure.
  • To create new IStructure while the user is able to save & new button, but IStructure has only saved.

Saving Input Parameter in Massage with Callout V3

Fixed issue that message reprocessing is not able to have parameter by passing from API call of V3 outbound processing.

Link API Message and Request Message of V3 Outbound by MessageRel for SAOP And Rest Adapter

Message outbound of v3 is able to forward different target interfaces by using workflow conditions. This issue got from the first API message has lost request message for monitoring when the outbound has been passed to the second interface in the second workflow. This issue has been fixed by linking API and request messages to the junction table (skyvvasolutions__MessageRel__c) on Soap and Rest Adapter.

Error on Pushing JSON Data Payload of v3 Inbound Processing

There is an error that occurred while you push record using JSON data payload because of generating the wrong of v3 inbound processing.

The Refresh Button on Transport Route page is not Working Correctly

To send interface into other org. Therefore, the users need to choose Integration first before the users can transport interface. Fixed issue in which the refresh button is not refreshed Integration was in Transport Route page.

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