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SKYVVA conformity Spring 19 is here! We’ve introduced new features and enhancements over the past several conformity releases thanks to feedback from our customers. A few big announcements for this release include support for JavaScript, a new Conditions entity for branching operations with a script and support. We also introduced the ability to run external operations that is, operations from other projects and the ability to handle SOAP  fault codes received from applications.

Users can create APIs in any format, including REST, SOAP, JSON then run and analyze APIs through an intuitive interface. By having the ability to easily generate APIs based on existing data and apps, companies can reuse existing applications and business logic.

Internal and external API developers can now use the new Developer discover and consume APIs. They can not only rapidly expose any application or data as an API, but also optimize these APIs to deliver maximum performance and using OpenAPI (Swagger 2.0).

With rich security controls and user authentication, customers have access to advanced API analytics to monitor API performance and consumption trends, as well as comprehensive monitoring and alerting of API processes through enhanced API logging.


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