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3. New Feature


OData Adapter

What we can do is providing a mean to access external data using OData protocol like the OData adapter from Salesforce. But our OData adapter is not link to the xObject but we get the data and the data can be transform via mapping, check with workflow and enrich with formula. We can apply Salesforce business logic with this data. What Salesforce Connect can do is just querying data and display that data. But maybe because it is also just a object

e.g. xObject instead of sObject user can define trigger, workflow or process builder? If yes user can also use business logic to do more complex integration scenario then just display the data in screen.

Infor ION Adapter


Microsoft Azure ESB Adapter 


Microsoft Azure ESB Adapter  


Microsoft Dynamic 365 xx Adapter  


Microsoft Azure API Management Adapter  


Amazon S3 Adapter 


Amazon API Gateway Adapter 

Amazon SQS Adapter

Amazon SNS Adapter

Amazon EventBridge Adapter

Google Cloud Storage Adapter

Google API Gateway Adapter

New Skyvva Bulk Data Loader





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