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  4. 2. Bug Fixed

2. Bug Fixed


Fixed some minor issues regarding generating metadata as the old way

  • Convert all type of IStructure to string in generating as the old way (WSDL 1.1 and XSD)
  • Reverse some parts of WSDL 1.1 lightning like the classic UI generating.

Not allowed doing next step while the type field is not selected

There is an error that occurred while saving the agent setting. The type field is required, but we can continue to do the next step while we do not select it. This issue has been fixed.

Fixed a few bug on mapping

  • Fixed not generating value after applying the set filter.
  • Missing target field in filter path.
  • Generate the wrong path while applying set context level.

Fixed a few Cache on mapping

  • Fixed not displaying correctly on Cache Monitor while the property blank in cache_status object.
  • Fixed error is not refreshing old value selected in rebuild cache transport after push.
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