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3. Bug Fixed


Fixed an issue for Agent Cache

Fixed and changed the new flow of the “Rebuild cache after system refresh” button to working smoothly.

Not allow creating all adapter type while using different agent type of New agent

There is an error that occurred while creating the adapter that is not the same agent type as a new agent. This issue has been fixed.

The messages are wrong while sending data is completed of SAP CPI adapter

There is an error that occurred while we were callout V3 processing with the SAP CPI adapter. The message generated failed when the records reached the target system. This issue fixed by generating a message completed while the status code from 200 to 299.

No Data available for custom outbound processing

In the sharing setting in salesforce, users can access only their records. Therefore they cannot execute callout on other user’s records. There is an error that occurred while you uses custom processing in the outbound interface with sharing keywords of our class. This issue was fixed by changing from with sharing to without sharing of GisOdbgIntegration class. The setting without sharing in apex class breaks the salesforce setting, and now you can access the records that are not sharing with them.

Fixed a few bugs on the Upload file of the Bulk Control Board

  • There is an error that occurred while the browse button did not select another file the second time. Therefore it gets the unexpected error. This issue has fixed by changing the old aura component(Browse) to the new aura component(Upload Files).
  • We have added the validation on uploading the file in Bulk processing of the Bulk control board. For example, the user uploads the v2/v3 processing file, so the interface must be v2/v3 processing. Otherwise, it will get an alert message error “This file is not support with this Interface”.


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