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4. Bugs



  1. Cannot use Query Parameter Properties.
  2. SOQL query is not deleted or changed by Deleting or changing in mapping
  3. Can skyvva be used to salesforce backup to google drive
  4. Problem with saving Agent Setting
  5. DEFECT: Allow to upload CSV wrong data payload in Data Loader
  6. DEFECT: Allow to upload wrong xml data payload in Data Loader
  7. DEFECT: The message status is getting wrong
  8. CPI Adapter XSD and Payload Issue
  9. SAP CPI adapter (Message monitoring issue) – Status Code 202
  10. Delete all children and then insert again all the children that is in the payload
  11.  DEFECT: Raw payload not created while the message is reprocessing
  12.  DEFECT: Encoding csv is not working with V3 of New agent
  13. New Agent source encoding in Linux instance not working on SFTP protocol
  14.  ExecuteInterface Scheduler missing
  15. The formula only working in REST Response array for 1 record
  16. Skyvva Invoke Callout not working with GET Interface and dynamic values
  17. DEFECT: Created the wrong Message while pushing file that did not match the file type in file adapter
  18.   Remove properties application/XML request format and response format when we choose protocol rest in business one Adapter.
  19. API Message status with adapter sap business one is wrong.
  20. Remove SAP IDOC Configuration on SAP Control board and add System Information as the same Agent control Board.
  21.   Existing interface throwing error by saving the mapping
  22. Export Metadata Provider to Other Org has problem heap size with many Metadata.
  23. Manual Data Loader is Skipping Data.
  24. Skyvva issue on import.
  25. Update from 2.46.3 to 2.47.2: Error in JSON interface.








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