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Replace attachment by file for batch and bulk processing:

Cleaning up first pending basket processing before upgrade to v 2.48   

Before you can use this version all the basket in the batch control board and all attachments in the bulk control board has to be processed with the old version. Because we change the processing format the new code is not able to process the old basket and attachment anymore.


There is a big changes regarding the batch and bulk processing. We have make some changes to the screen and also to the processing. For example for the bulk we now use the batch object to link to the contentVersion and we don’t process the contentVersion or Attachment object directly anymore. Instead we are processing the baskets which are linked to the contentVersion. Note that from this version 2.48 we don’t use the old attachment anymore. We use only the contentVersion sObject  to store the business data.


The counting has been redesign due to a governor limit error in the old logic while trying to count the number of records in the basket. The new logic solve this issue. 


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