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3. Bug Fixed


Manual load not working correctly in the XML hierarchy

This error happened when clicking the upload button in the manual load that is missing the child fields of the XML hierarchy format. This is issue has been fixed.

Cannot integrate V3 Rest API while using message type name that contains dot “.”

There is an error that occurred while the message type name contains a dot “.”. Therefore, it cannot integrate v3 Rest API of inbound with JSON payload. This issue has fixed.

Include attribute of the roof element in Export MetaData

Fixed issue where the MetaData exportation has attributes of roof element; therefore, it cannot import to the SAP PO system.

Fixed various issues in the import message type

There are various issues in the import message type. We have fixed as follows:

-OpenAPI 3.0

  • Missing message type fields entry in the request query parameter
  • Missing message type fields entry in PATH Parameter.
  • Not able to changed MetaData name
  • Cannot import message type from the “RequestBody” of file.

-Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0

  • If the file has the header fields, it will not generate correctly.


  • Generate the wrong type of message type field entry
  • Missing the description field of Message type field entry


  • Missing message type in body response
  • Missing description of the message type
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