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4. Bug Fixed


Fixed import MessageType with Different file format

To import MessageType was in the Upload File button in the Repository Details page. The user is able to import messageType with the different file formats. There is some fixing in importing messageType:

  • Fixed Swagger 2.0/OpenAPI 2.0 in order to import Rest template into MessageType correctly as following
    • Adding a new field is a “Full Name” for MessageType that has a long name more than 75 characters, therefore it will store in “Full Name” field and making a short name into “MessageType Name” field.
    • Remove Rest operation to import MessageType, and the Rest Operation types are “get, post, delete, patch…ect”.
    • Change “Type” of ReferenceObject MessageType from “Plain Structure” to “Reference Object”
    • Adding description and sample content to “MessageType Field Entry” like “IStructure”
  • Fixed XML messageType structure to import as follows:
    • Fixed not import root message type.
    • Added attributes MessageType
    • Added namespace for root MessageType
    • Added new field for namespace long
    • Fixed sequence number issued
    • added types for elements and attributes in IStructure and Message Type Field Entry.
    • Fixed messageType is not generated correctly when the XML is not formatted.
  • Fixed XSD messageType structure to import as follows:
    • Fixed XSD generate namespace.
    • Not import reference type into messageType anymore.
    • Fixed import IStructure as attribute and element.
  • Fixed WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0 in order to import WSDL as the SOAP template MessageType correctly.
  • Fixed JSON to import messageType as following:
  • added “Enter a name if JSON doesn’t have root tag name” textbox for giving messageType root name.
  • Fixed generating IStructure and messageType field Entry type based on field Type.
  • Fixed JSON Schema to import messageType as following:
  • Fixed skipping tags, readOnly, and writeOnly field.
    • Fixed generating IStructure and messageType field Entry type based on field Type.
    • Fixed generating description of IStructure and messageType Field Entry.
    • Change ReferenceObject of Root MessageType Name to get the title from file Instead.
  • Added “Please choose the name for the root message type” radio button in order to get Root messageType Name from the title or entering a name.

The Attribute Lookup All Element MessageType Field Entry with other MessageType

Currently, Skyvva has been supported attribute type of MessageType Filed Entry in order to get the attribute field to mapping. To create an attribute in the MessageType field Entry. Therefore, the user needs to select the parent attribute as an element. When the attribute lookup the element field, it will get all element messageType field entry from other messageType. This is issue fixed by filter lookup the only element belongs to MessageType Field Entry of MessageType.

Fixed Export WSDL File Format

Fixed various issued relate export WSDL from “Generate MetaData” was in Integration Detail Page and Interface details page:

  • Fixed issue WSDL to generate with the SOAP template correctly.
  • Fixed screen in generate MetaData Link and interface Details
  • Fixed issue WSDL to generate Sobject MessageType.

Not alert error message while exporting data is not working

There is an error that occurred while the user wants to export data using the export button in the Integration Detail Page. It doesn’t alert messages after exporting data is not working.

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