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2. New Feature


SKYVVA REST Adapter support with XML payload

Currently, one feature of the SKYVVA REST Adapter has supported the JSON payload format. Therefore, we have enhanced it to supporting with XML payload format.

Response interface support with the different fault message

We have been added the “Interfaces (Fault Interface)” list to the interface related page. The feature has allowed getting an error response with the different fault messages after Request outbound failed, to be used with fault response we need to have the fault SOAP message type template.

Added New “Export MetaData” Action Button in the Message type

In the previous version, we have been added the “Export MetaData” button in the repository to be generating the business message type. Now we have removed it and added directly in the action button of the message type section on the repository page. We have enhanced to generating more file formats such as Swagger 2.0/OpenAPI 2.0, OpenAPI 3.0, and WSDL.

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