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3. New Feature

Created MessageType from SAP with IDOC Tables/View and BAPI/RFCs

This function allows you to import SAP Idoc, BAPI, Table, and View to create message type.

Created MesasageType for Database with Table, View and stored procedure

This function allows you to import database metadata such as table, view, and stored procedure to create message type.

Custom layout for interface Details Page

Currently, the interface detail page is using Salesforce standard layout. Therefore the interface name is not showing the real name but the automatic generated one, which is hard to understand. The custom layout has been integrated into the interface page including Header Page and Inbound/Outbound Setup sections. Now the real interface name will be shown on the screen.

Added Messages Board Button in Interface Header Page

Added Messages Board Button on the interface Header to allow direct use of the message monitor without going through the roundabout way over the integration.

New Version V3 of CDC Outbound Processing

Currently, Skyvva CDC uses ‘integrate v2 processing’. New version outbound v3 has been also added to handle hierarchical message payload with SOAP and REST Adapter.

Added Select All and Deselect All button in Mapping Tool

The Select All and Deselect All button has been added to select and deselect mapping records in Data Mapping Section.

New Agent with Camel technologies

A so-called “AgentControl Board” has been added for the new agent which is based on the apache camel technology. Camel is a very powerful integration software library; therefore, a new agent can connect with a new connector such as Rest, Soap, and Kafka. New agents can be run on multiple OS platforms like  Linux, Windows, and OS X.

Enhanced and added the new adapter

  • to SAP CPI adapter for connecting between salesforce to SAP CPI cloud application. This adapter uses for sending records to SAP CPI and uses the new v3 outbound processing.
  • SAP PI/PO adapter is our existing connectors being used by you for many years. We are modernizing and enhancing the sap PI/PO connector to use our new version 3 outbound processing. This means that we don’t need to break up the nested and hierarchical structures into different interfaces and create child interfaces manually anymore. All of that work is now done in the background for you with the new version 3 of the outbound processing.

Enhancement of the old agent control board

SKYVVA has been enhanced old agent control board as following:

  • Users can start and stop service status which is in the System Information tab in the old agent control board.
  • Agent log files are the files that keep the processing while the user integrates the data with Agent. Currently, agent Log files can display a backup log file which is over three megabytes.
  • SKYVVA has added manual processing in interface Group in order to process interface. The interface group has two types as EO and EOIO:
    • EO type allows the interfaces processing at the same time
    • EOIO type allows the interfaces processing by sequence number. If one of the interfaces is stuck, the second interface will not process.
  • Generate scheduler without set time anymore.
  • Added Process Per Integration button to process all interface manually inside Integration.

Enhanced mapping tool to set filters condition of Context Level

In the earlier release, we have introduced the function ‘Set Context’ to enable you to map the child node to the same level as you do for the parent. For example if you have an invoice where you want to map the items to the same target node sObject like the invoice header we just take the first one of the items. This is not always correct for your business because an invoice can have multiple items. Now with the filter function, you can add a condition to exactly fetch the item which you real need e.g. the item with the amount of 25 USD. The condition is used to filter the child records which is to be used to map to the target object along with its parent.

Automatically assign MessageType of Service Name based on the interface type

MessageType will be automatically assigned while using Service Name based on the interface type. There are two services Soap and Rest:

  • When the Inbound Interface chooses the messageType of Soap (WSDL Service Name), the WSDL Envelope will be assigned automatically into Source/Target Message Type.
  • While the outbound Interface chooses the messageType of Soap (WSDL Service Name), the WSDL Request will be assigned automatically into Source/Target Message Type.
  • When the inbound interface chooses the messageType of Rest (Rest Service Name), the REST Response will be assigned automatically into Source/Target Message Type.
  • While the outbound chooses messageType of Rest (Rest Service Name), the REST Request will be assigned automatically into Source/Target Message Type.

Generate namespace for Soap Adapter

Added the Namespace field for putting namespace value to generate namespace in the payload of the Soap template before​ sending data out.

Added Monitor Tab in Batch and Bulk Control Board

The Monitor can check the message status after integrated processing; therefore, SKYYVA has been added Monitor in batch and bulk control board. It can check the message that processing based on batch/bulk mode depends on the control board.

Added Scrollbar for viewing the hierarchical messages

Added the scrollbar to view all hierarchical messages at the left side in the message detail page, making it easier to check all messages.


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