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3. Bug Fixed


Error in exported Metadata from the different file format

Fixed various issues in metadata generation in lighting were in Generate Meta Link on Integration Details Page and Interface details page.

  • Fixed exportation of JSON Schema
    • Get an error while export IChain Interface.
    • Not generate SKYVVA field.
    • Not generate IStructure from the file in IStructure of the interface.
    • Not generate manually IStructure of the interface.
  • Fixed exportation of  WSDL File Format
    • Not generate IStructure into the file that does not Message Type.
    • Changed Skyvva__Message to SKYVVA__MessageId for all level request message type.
    • Generate SKYVVA Business Object type of message type to working correctly.
    • Generate message type link with other message types.
    • Merge message type that request, response, and Fault have the same message type.
    • Missing SKYVVA__MessageId in Sobject message type.
  • Fixed exportation of XSD File Format
    • Missing description of message type field entry.
    • Missing message type field entry from message type rel.
    • Not merge message type field entry.

Error regarding with imported Metadata from the different file format

Fixed various issues in imported message type in lighting in the repository.

  • Fixed importation of OpenAPI 3.x to generate message type
    • Generate the wrong type of IStructure.
    • Not retrieve description value into IStructure description field.
  • Fixed Importation of XSD and XML to generate message type
    • Importing functionality for XML and XSD currently supports files that are well-formatted line breaks. If the file is not formatted some structures might be missing.
    • Different types of XSD files are supported which has different structures for complex types including WSDL.
    • Primitive and derived data types from XSD are supported.
    • References used in XSD files are skipped and its child elements are assigned to the parent of reference where it defines as “type” or “ref”.
    • Attributes are created as Istructure with proper XSD data types supported. For duplicate names parent is assigned to attributes.
    • Elements from nodes “all” and “choice” are inserted. So users can choose elements from the choice node.
    • Elements referencing to the node which has Complex type and simple type as a child are created as fields. And elements referencing to the node which has complex type and sequence as the child are created as message types.
  • Fixed Importation of JSON and JSON Schema to generate message type
    • The description of IStructure is showing undefined
    • Importing the JSON file that does not have a root tag name.

IMapping has generated an incorrect path after changing the interface name

There is an error that occurred while the user changed the interface name of inbound v3 processing, and then the user saves the mapping again. It will generate the wrong path on “Reference Field Parent And Above” and “Reference Field Uncle” in IMapping records. This issue has fixed.

Output result returns wrong to ISEMAIL formula function in the mapping tool

The mapping tool is able to use the formula function for adding or editing in mapping records. Fixed issue regarding output result returns wrong in the ISEMAIL formula. For example, the email does not have a domain “xxx.<domain>” like “xxx.skyvva.com”. When we write the mail like xxx@skyvva then it returns true, this is not correct. It should return ‘false’; therefore, the domain extension ‘.com’ is missing.

Cannot edit Interface group in Integration Page

Fixed issue while the user wants to edit the existing interface group in the integration page, it will be creating the new interface group.

The scheduler does not update status and comment on the screen while the scheduler aborted

There is an error that occurred while the user starts the scheduler in the Salesforce Classic interface, the scheduler has an aborted or unexpected error, and it will not update the status and comment correctly. This issue has been fixed.

Cannot handle long text error message in a message comment

Fixed missing failed message comments for monitoring while it has too long text.

Missing message type field entry in the mapping tool

Missing the message type field entry while the message type parent is SKYVVA Business Object type. This issue has fixed.

Getting errors while saving the mapping

There is an error occurred while the mapping is saving the Sobject and SKYVVA Business Object picklists value in UsageType of IMapping Object. This issue has fixed.

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