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2. Bug Fixed

Response message of a synchronous outbound call is in status Pending

We do asynchronous outbound call and get a response back for a request. So the request and response pair is a logical unit and thus independent of another request-response unit of the earlier call. However, when we do again async call with the same SF id we get a response back but the response is pending because the response of the earlier request gets an error.

The old queue name format is over the maximum string name length of SObject

This error occurs because we generate the queue name based on the integrate Id, interface group Id, interface Id + EOIO or EI and the name of the interface group. When the interface group name is long, we get this error. The error is fixed in patch version 2.41.2.

Notification for Fields: Where not work

If you create a new topic and select Notification for Fields: Where but Query statement do not put the “Where” so we will get the error. It is fixed in patch version 2.41.2.

Issue using the Process Builder with SKYVVA

The issue is that the interface runs with the user that created or updated the record, requiring assigning a SKYVVA license for every user in the organization. However, the problem is fixed by passkey validation invokeCallout3, which is called, from processed builder.

Change checkbox color of haschild in repository and message type

The Checkbox color of haschild in repository and message type is changed.

Get strange message description on Message Monitoring tab

There is a strange message description on Message Monitoring tab when Delete, Delete All, Cancel, and Cancel All buttons are clicked.

Error pagination on CDC Control Board

This is a pagination error, which is in CDC Control Board. It has happened when we create CP record manually by click CP Query Editor Button.

Export data on integration as XML and CSV not correct file

When trying to export file CSV and XML on integration there are seem to extract the wrong format. CSV file displays the wrong header while XML file is incorrect.

Get strange behavior on the Scheduler tab in Batch Control Board

Using existing inbound Default Interface Group while creating a new interface with batch mode cause some strange behavior on the Scheduler tab in Batch Control Board. The problem is the interface group Schedulers section display with no record and after the button get a refresh this section disappears.

Manual Load page get crashing when we upload many records

The problem happens when the user imports many records by the manual load. Since manual load cannot import big data the page gets crash. The problem course by the user clicks much time on the push button, it overloads on the script running that crush the browser immediately. The solution was applied to prevent this mistake, to prevent push any record when other records are under push processing.

The numbering of sequence for Massage Type show not correct

The message type and the MsgType Field entry fields inside the message type need to be shown based on their sequence number, order by the sequence number. However, it shows not correct and fixes in patch version 2.41.2.

The issue on Creation Date with Time Zone

The error shows Creation Date in field date as it is showing Creation Date in local not base on Time Zone.

SOAP and REST Adapter still uses the field Value2__c from the Property__c

The problem is when the endpoint is longer than 255 we get an exception and cannot save the URL. We have changed all adapter, which uses the property endpoint to use a new field, ValueLong__c, which is 32768 characters long. If the property value is longer than 255 then we save in the new field ValueLong__c otherwise we save to the field Value2__c.

Fixed Error in Lightning version when enable debug mode

Due to we got some error when we enable debug mode on the lightning component such as Integration so we need to fix this problem in patch version 2.41.2.

Error some button in Manage Middleware WSDLs

There is an error when clicking Manage Middleware WSDLs, click button Create XSD, Create WSDL, Create JSON Schema and Create Swagger,  Error with Edit button. This issue has occurred after the user enables Debug Mode.

Error with CDC component

There is some error with CDC component on CDC Query Editor Button, CDC Query Editor Page, and on Query Editor on Interface detail when clicking.

The issue on Created Date and Last Modified Date with Time Zone in CDC Control Board

The Created Date and Last Modified Date show incorrect Time Zone when changing the time zone to other while creating the record in CDC Control Board.

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