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2. Bug Fixed

The issue in generating WSDL with the old way in ManageMiddlewareWSDL

The new field, “As old way”, is created on the interface. When the flag of this new field is checked then it will generate WSDL in an old format.

Wrong date and time on Creation and Modified Date

There is an error in time zone on Creation date and Modified date when my time zone is GMT +7 the messages that I have pushed show time & date correctly but when I change it to another time zone, it is not showing correctly.

Manual load get an error when we upload the format of the XML file is incorrect

There is an error when doing a manual load when upload format of XML file incorrectly.

Wrong Time and Date after change Time Zone in Batch Control Board

The Date and time did not display correctly in the Batch Control Board when the time zone has changed. This error is fixed in patch version 2.41.1.

Add warning to Batch alert for Storage limit exceeded

Previously in Batch Control Board, when the Organization storage is full we cannot create the Alert and it does not show any warning either but we could save it.

Filter Interface and Interface Group is not working correctly in Inbound Processing and Queue Tab at Batch Control Board

The filter on interface and interface group don’t display correctly and will fix in patch version 2.41.1.

Always get message error after deleted Message Type

The Message error after deleted Message Type always popup. It is fixed in patch version 2.41.1.

Error on Pagination and No Content at Manual Load

There is an error on pagination and no content at manual load. The pagination does not display anymore. The error is fixed in patch version 2.41.1.

Adapter SFDC2SAPPI always send the hard-coded test message to SAP-PI

When click “Test” button to make a call to the endpoint with the text message, it’s generated using the account structure and it works fine with account sObject but not with other structure. It always sends the hard-coded text message to SAP-PI.

Select All button get crash with too much records

It’s always get stuck when many change pointer records are selected to create into CDC Control Board. The issue is fixing by limiting the number of records returned by an SOQL query. If the query returns, more than 5000 records then the user will get a message stating that he/she needs to redefine the filter criteria.

Process logs attachments doesn’t show correctly in Lightning

The Process logs attachments show different attachments compare to Classic; it shows many attachments that are not related to ILogs.

Change the color of status Logs

The icon in the detail view of logs are changed to pure red and yellow.  The color of red is for status Error and yellow is for status Warning.

Create New IStructure Sequence and Length mustn’t be mandatory

The Sequence and Length when create new IStructure can be empty but here create an error (validation error).

Cut the view of the long string

Since the string is long, the view is going outside the border. The view of the long string will cut out and do like message monitor with comment field.

Can’t view Last Data record on Bulk control board in Lightning

In classic mode, we can view Last Data record but in Lightning, we can’t do it. This error is fixed in patch version 2.41.1.

Bulk Data Inbox section show only 5 paginations

In Bulk Data Inbox section only show the wrong pagination.

Storage usage display classic page with the message ‘Request Timeout’

When the internet slow, the data storage information is show request time not the storage usage info in classic style.

Display CSV or XML file in the folder only when select Data Type for file type

We cannot allow other files type show in the folder when we choose csv or xml file from Data Type combobox.

Filter field on Query section in Interface details page doesn’t show any value

While creating a new outbound interface without query any sObject, the filter field on Query section doesn’t show any value less it get to refresh the page.

Got some errors on Queue on Admin tab

There some error occur on Queue, Admin tab as:

  • When we check all item on Action column then click the Refresh button on Batch Queues section or click the Search button on Filters section, the checkbox all still checked.
  • Click Start or Stop on Action column did not get popup message to display start or stop successfully after processing. This problem only happen on the first row.
  • However, the second row when we click Stop, we got popup message after process success “Successfully stopped queue.” but when we click Start, we did not have anything after processing complete.

Found some errors on Bulk Control Board

There some error occur on Bulk Control Board as:

  • On Bulk Data Monitor, show incorrect value after click Delete or Delete All button.
  • )n Bulk Data Processing: when we select all record then click Delete button, Bulk Data Processing show incorrect value unless we refresh the page.
  • When we reprocess Attachment manually by clicking Re-Initialload button on Bulk Data Processing section, it should be make refresh page after reprocessing complete. To prevent User delete it accidentally.

View long iData field which we store in Attachment not possible in Lightning but possible in Classic

Lighting version is not support the view long IData field that use to store an attachment.

Last Run Time in Last Data not displayed correctly

Lighting version is not support the view long IData field that use to store an attachment.

IStructure Repository did not respond istructure from the csv file

We have upload data from the csv file into IStructure Repository for istructure to use with the message type.

Many duplicate records show up in IStructure Repository when upload the XML file.

There is an issue occurring as many duplicate records show up in IStructure Repository when upload the XML file.

Sequence number cannot be change to null when saving in edit Message type.

When changes a Sequence and Length in existed IStructure, it shows Success pop-up but the value will not change it still stay the same.

IChainInterface duplicate in some situation

In some case when we create an IChainInterface in the interface related list in lightning after choosing with a parent interface and child interface. We then go into child we still can a duplicate IChain by choosing the child interface as the parent and the child as the parent

Date Time display incorrectly on Interface Data Runtimes section

The Date Time display incorrectly on Interface Data Runtimes section as:

  • We change the time zone to other e.g. Change to (GMT+01:00) Central European Time (Europe/Paris).
  • Column Last Data Total Message does not show any value.



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