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1. New Features

Change field Last Run Date to Create Statistical Data on Interface Overview Page using Lightning component

This is just a feature that converted from classic. As we change field Last Run Date to “Create Statistical Data on Interface overview Page using Lightning component.

Tool to create the relationship between MessageType and IStructure in a different repository

This is a new feature created to be use link IStructure and MessageType between different Repositories. The user will be allowed to choose IStructure when input both a Metadata Provider and IStructure Repository. After saving, the component will save a relation (Create MsgTypeFiledEntry) between the MessageType the user came from and the selected IStrucutre.

Improve the Relate List component

This feature is created to improve the Global Dynamic Related List Page to support Number of record display, Show a message if no record, Show some of the records in a table, Navigate to the record when clicking on a record in the table, and Support inline edit and delete.

Parse soap response base on the Message type

This is a feature, which creates to parse the soap response base on Message type with an inbound and outbound interface.

Update SC_Mapping to support with new relationship of MessageType

Due to the MessageType has changed the data model structure, so we need to implement our mapping tool to support the new changing.


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