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1. Bug Fixed

Always get message error after deleted Message Type

We always get the popup message error after deleted Message Type. The error needs to be deleted from the screen.

The problem on delete message in Message Monitoring

There is a problem on delete message in Message Monitoring. When the Delete or Delete All button is the click, it got successful but the records did not delete.

SearchService API response JSON is grammatically not correct

The error is that our SearchService API returns an invalid JSON format response. The keyword supposed to be put into the double quote however, there is no double quote.

The license key cannot full copy for other users

The license key cannot be copied as fully from a user for another user since it shows incompletely.

Message Board on manual load must link in one interface

The problem is the Message Board on manual load is not displayed the correct interface name. It supposes to display a specific interface when selected however, “All Interface always display.

Show incorrect date time on Last Run Time in Queues tab on CDC Control Board

The error is on the Last Run Time column in Queues tab on CDC Control Board show incorrect date time. I have use Scheduler to process CP record to the external system. After that, when looking at on Queues tab, for Last Run Time it shows incorrect date time.

XML payload generation for adapter SFDC2SAPPI does not follow the WSDL structure

The error occurs as the XML payload was generated and it doesn’t follow the WSDL structure and thus SAP-PI rejects the message saying that the XML payload is syntactically not well-formed. To solve the problem we have to generate the WSDL, which is well-formed based on the WSDL.

Wrong order in Workflow

Since the workflow is wrong in order by being sorted by creation Date/Time, it fixed now, as it will sort by interface Source first then sort by Sequence.

Edit button of adapter property not working

The value of property adapter did not change after edited and saved.

Some error with Export Data on Integration Details page

There is some error occur with Export Data on Integration Details page as:

  • Even the interface isn’t deployed it still can export the data
  • The interface has no adapter but still can export data
  • It still can export the data even there is no license key input and display the unspecific message.

Name of SuppressNullVaule property not correct

The name of SuppressNullVaulue property is incorrect and it has to be changed.

Visualforce URL format change for Organization with MyDomain deployed

It only shows the endpoint in visualforce page Manage Middleware WSDLs but this endpoint is not used anywhere. Now we just correct with view endpoint.

Error in Query Editor

This error occurred when we click the Query Editor to write more statement e.g: Where Name = ‘Test’ plus with sobject existing before.

Add the help text for the fields

We have many fields without Help Text in interface detail so we need Help Text for all fields to help for user to understand each field.

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