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Bug Fixed

Batch Alert and CDC Alert do not work with Email SFDC User anymore

Actually, Batch Alert and CDC Alert have to work with Email SFDC User since it will alert the user through the email. The user always notified to email when the number of basket more than a value in threshold or status of Queue is Hold. Whereas CDC Data in Table has reached the threshold which has set. However, these two schedulers are not working with Email SFDC User anymore.

Message Report is not working

In Message Report, the button “Download Current Display Result” and “Download All Result” are not working. The report file is blank after downloaded. There are no data in it. The status of messages supposed to show according to what user set. However, it seems that the email only sends some statuses. Another error is the interfaces are not available in the Message Report when choose to specify integration.

Outbound interface not show in Add Interface with Lightning

We need an outbound interface to filter and search message for the only outbound in lightning too. However, we found that only the inbound interface show in Add Interface with Lightning.

InterfaceExecution scheduler create not correctly

The InterfaceExecution seem to work with Integration rather create the scheduler with Asynchronous outbound interface. This is not correct since InterfaceExecution only works with Asynchronous outbound interface. It is not using with Integration and InterfaceGroup scheduler.

Change the name in the field is not working in v 2.41.3

The error occurs as the XML payload was generated and it doesn’t follow the WSDL structure and thus SAP-PI rejects the message saying that the XML payload is syntactically not well-formed. To solve the problem we have to generate the WSDL, which is well-formed based on the WSDL.

Got error when renewing License

When we try to renew the license key, we got an error, as there is error pop up.

Re-make up message monitoring in a lightning like classic message motoring

The lightning Message Morning needs to be redesigned the column and row as classic. We change the header as a capitalized letter and show full value in row. There are three places to redesign in lightning: Message Monitoring, Message Tab in Integration, and Message Board. The space between the column will have less space but it long enough for the user to see. If the message too long we make them, overlay-scroll-able so the user can scroll left and right.

Error on Manage Middleware WSDLs

An integration is open twice at the same time. You will get an error after you click the Manage Middleware. This happens when you deleted the integration in one tap and go to another integration tab.

Delete function not working with many attachments and reorganize some when no record on Bulk Control Board

The Deletes function, which located in Bulk control Board, is not working correctly as the attachment reaches 100 or above it will not be able to delete. Some of the buttons will be disabled when there is no record on Bulk processing.

Error on Agent Control Board when Integration deleted

When the integration open at the same time in two tabs, you will get an error when one the tab is deleted. The error is occurring while you click on Agent Control Board link.

Unexpected token: LIMIT in both Query Editor and Query with Creating New Interface

When you enter Query Editor or create a new interface an error “unexpected token: Limit” will appear. Actually, it supposed to show “Success! Query executed successfully!”.

Bulk Scheduler kill itself and it does not restart again while no Attachment

Bulk scheduler stops by itself and it doesn’t restart while there is no attachment in Bulk Data Inbox. This scheduler must always start unless it will be stopped by the user.

Error status not set properly and error code displaying in message

There are 200 error codes should be success status, but showing an error. The error code is also showing in the comment field. The error is fixed in the patch note.

Search all Integration doesn’t work properly on Message Monitoring

The search for all integration is not clear the old value. It does not work properly on Message Monitoring. Actually, it supposed to list all the record when you search.

Wrong display CDC Queue located on Batch Control Board

We have found a wrong display of CDC Queue located on Batch Control Board. There is no flag has been checked on Batch mode.

Not allow show Sub-Interface in message monitoring

The Sub-Interface has generated automatically by hierarchical Message Type that mapped with sObject. We need to close Sub-Interface in Message Monitoring and Message Board because of it is unuseful to search all messages. all messages are filtered and search base​​​ on parent interface only.

Problem on Export Data on Integration detail

The error has happened on Export Data on Integration detail page. You will get both message error and success message when export on Microsoft Edge.

Date format display differently on Queue in CDC

The column Last Run Time and Last Modified Date with Submitted Date and Completion Date display different format. We want to make the date format the same.

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