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2. New Feature


Enhance message monitor to show the hierarchical message

This is a new feature, which is created to enhance the message monitor to show the hierarchical message. This feature can process the hierarchical messages in a transactional way through a new web service integrate3.

Creating Alert Scheduler for EOIO-Queue in Batch Control Board

We introduce new functionality that is alerting based on a message was failed while processing. This Scheduler is created to check the status of all EOIO-Queues. If the status of the queue is turned to hold then it will send an alerting. To run the Scheduler you have to set up an alert in, “Alert” tab from Batch Control Board.

Creating Alert when the CDC table is full

This is the same Alert Scheduler, which used in Batch processing. It shares the same purpose to notify the users by sending an email. However, this Scheduler checks the number of change pointer records if it exceeded the value you have set in the threshold.

Create message type based on the different format like WSDL and Swagger

This is a new feature, which is made to handle all the import function from the file. This import function is automatically generated Message Type, IStructure, MsgTypeFieldEntry, and MsgTypeRel accordingly depending on the file type selected. The file type that are supported are Swagger2.0, (.json) JSON Schema,WSDL,XSD,CSV, hierarchical XML.

Tree view for repository and message type

For the latest version 2.41, SKYVVA has created a feature, which is a tree view for IStructure Repository. This repository can be organized in a tree and has the same structure as a message type.

Use Query Editor in both modes for new and change

You are now can use the Edit mode of Query Editor. This feature allows you to change the existing SOQL statement. It also available in the Lightning version only.

Create a new CP record using Query Editor

This is a new feature, which allows you to create Change Pointer using Query Editor. You can enter the SOQL statement for finding the business id, process the business id immediately. You either can detect the change based on your own SOQL statement.

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