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The endpoint of lightning does not support for REST API

If you want to use REST API to integrate into Salesforce, you have to input the URL (endpoint) of Salesforce.com, which is the classic version, not lightning.force.com. However, the Lightning version is still supported for REST API. You can also switch back and forth to Lightning and Classic.

Enable My Domain setup to use Lightning Components

To be able to use Lightning components you have to enable My Domain. In addition, if you do not have My Domain enabled for your organization, your Lightning tabs, components, and pages will be disabled when your organization is upgraded.

Interface execution- Scheduler only available for Asynchronous outbound interface

Previously interface execution-Scheduler available for both Synchronous and Asynchronous outbound interface. However, we have removed this Scheduler from a Synchronous outbound interface. However, if you do not set the processing mode to Asynchronous the Scheduler will not display in the Scheduler section.

The global scheduler for message reprocessing is deprecated

We want to inform you that the old scheduler for message reprocessing which you are using at the moment is deprecated and the new one per integration has to be used instead for the latest version. When you upgrade the new version you will get two Schedulers for message reprocessing, MessageReprocess (old one) and MessageReprocessPerIntegration (the new one), it is the same but just different name. After upgrade please stop the old one and start the new Scheduler.

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