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1.9 Agent with offline mode and online mode


We are building the new Agent UI counting boost the Agent to be a http listener. But this doesn’t mean that we totally remove the Agent UI. There is still some functionality where user need a local UI controlling the Agent Engine which cannot be control from a web fronted. We need to analyses and list the function which cannot be done from Salesforce UI with the new Agent Control Board. Those function which are required but cannot be done from the Salesforce UI we need to keep and provide or add new into the Agent UI which we currently carry right now.

For example, if customer refuses to open the firewall we cannot start/stop the Agent e.g. the Windows Service. So nothing will work. Then we still need to have the local Agent UI to do this. So what have right now we will keep but what for example become useless and obsolete is for example the mapping screen. We will not do mapping with the Agent UI anymore. This screen can be totally removed.

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