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1.4 Use field “Package Size” on interface level with Agent


Since SKYVVA version 2.42 we add the feature “Package Size” on interface level. Before we carry only package size in the integration level, where user can set on the integration page with parameter name “Packet“. For inbound interface the is size e.g. number of record to send with an integrate() API call. So if user set 20 for this field and we carry 100 record for the input file the agent will commit 5 integrate () call to send all 100 record to Salesforce. This setting will apply for all interfaces in a period of aforementioned integration. This was not flexible enough, if different interface commit different package size. Thus we add the feature to have package size on interface level.

About the Agent UI screen user can see this field at the interface and user can set per interface. Such a similar field we don’t have on salesforce side and therefore we use the existing field “Number of Records per Batch/Upload”. We use this field for both direction e.g. for inbound and outbound interface with Agent.

Indeed, this field “Number of Records per Batch/Upload” is the scope size for processing batch apex. So, it is not able to use this field corresponding. It leads to misunderstand and difficult to explain to user. We need a new field which clearly correspond to the package size as long as an interface. This field is missing in the interface object right now. For outbound interface we use the package size on interface level to make API call for reading the salesforce record in chunk or section.

Since, we provide this feature already customer could use it. If we don’t use this field anymore we will break existing customer using this feature. To keep backward compatibility, we need to check if a value is set for the new field. Let’s call the new field like “NumberOfRecordPerAPICall_c“. If this field is set Agent will use this field and ignore the field “Number of Records per Batch/Upload“. If this new field is not set or not exist because of use a new Agent version with old SKYVVA version where the new field still not exist, then we use the field “Number of Records per Batch/Upload“.

We should not use this field anymore for specifying the number of record per API call e.g. use as transfer package size. Instead they should use the new field. The field “Number of Records per Batch/Upload” is exclusively reserve for batch processing purpose and really meant to be used as scope size.

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