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1.2 Server Configuration on Agent UI


Agent is an infrastructure automation tool, Built specifically to support windows, Agent utilizes Infrastructure as Code to model infrastructure and configuration.

Agent provisions and configure servers automatically, without logging in to a command prompt.

Key areas

  • Agent allows users to model the configuration of servers, roles, and environments, monitor for drift, schedule changes, and ensure consistency across servers.
  •  Agent can spin up cloud servers, build containers, deploy packages, patch servers, or any other multi-server/service automation.

Agent also has batch monitoring capabilities. It can continuously monitor for server configuration batch, can automatically repetition batch.

Key features 

Agent has a visual, web-based user interface that is designed to “create complex configurations and composition using the intuitive and then switch to-and-from query editor/text mode as needed. 

Agent aims to enable DevOps practices through its UI, and shows the configuration state of an organization’s servers infrastructure (local, virtual, cloud-built). Agent has first-class Windows support. 

Agent monitors servers for configuration changes, and reports when the configuration has batch. 


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