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3. Bug Fixed


Handling soap fault messages

The monitoring feature is extended to control the SOAP fault code in Salesforce.

Case 2 In the monitor we should distinguish this 2 error maybe with

A symbol like PI does. PI show system fault error with a read circle symbol and application fault error with a rectangle and a flash sign.

This text: <faultText>Error occured.</faultText> is fetched

Case 1 this text to show: <text>com.sap.engine.interfaces.messaging.api.exception.MessagingException: com.sap.engine.interfaces.messaging.api.exception.MessagingException: XIProxy:PARSE_APPLICATION_DATA:

Message type which is constructed using Salesforce sObject is not shown correctly in the mapping editor

Correction is made so that Message type which is constructed using Salesforce sObject is displayed correctly in the mapping editor.

IStructure Repository and MessageType’s child table should only show Child only

This task is to disable parent of IStructure Repository and parent of MessageType in their child tables.

Add additional property to the JSON schema and open API 2.0 parser to support the array and required node

There is a new field on MessageType and MsgFieldEntry name Properties. It is a multi picklist and the value can be isArray and isRequired. The new property is added to the JSON schema and open API 2.0 parser to support if the describe node.

Got error on Apply Filters scheduler on Admin tab

Create Integration and outbound Interface for CDC, after that go to Scheduler on Admin tab and click Apply Filters, the error is fixed.

Fix bug on the XSD and JSON Schema parser where it should create Istructure instead of MessageType

The issue was in the XSD and JSON Schema parser where it should create IStructure but instead, it creates MessageType. Now the parser is improved to support these cases to use the field for mapping. On JSON if the type keyword doesn’t exist OR the type indicates an “object” type then it will be considered as MsgType. If the keyword exists and shows a primitive type then it is an IStructure. On XSD if the node has child name restriction it will then take the type of that node and apply it to its parent.

Long Comment sent from SOAP UI doesn’t work

On Delete Child Anyway init operation in IChained when the data is sent from SOAP UI, the long comment is received but it didn’t show in Long Comment section on Message Detail. With the fix we now full comment for the failed message is seen.

Named Metadata Provider file like its name in produce

The issue is fixed on Export and Import MetaData Provider, IStructure Repository and Message Type.

Unable to create SFDC2SAPPI adapter with full URL

Currently when entering the endpoint URL while creating SFDC2SAPPI adapter, getting an error. (“Error: Upsert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: STRING_TOO_LONG, Value: data value too large. The issue is fixed now.

SKYVVA__PARENTID generate incorrect in Target Path

SKYVVA__PARENTID field always generates automatically based on tree mapping by message type. the SKYVVA__PARENTID is created automatically in parent interface to do relationship with child interface when process callout. The message type is used as object the Target Path should generate Message Type dot SKYVVA__PARENTID it is correct so earlier SKYVVA__PARENTID has generated not correct in Target Path when we use Message Type object it always generates Sobject dot KYVVA__PARENTID it was not correct and that was an issue, fixed now.

Not allow show subinterface in Interface Name picklist

The subinterface is generated automatically after tree mapping is done so all subinterfaces are worked follow main interface processing. It was not allowed to show subinterface in Interface Name picklist SKYVVA Trigger because of it is not in use. Now the Trigger callout successfully with ‘Before delete’ however get a response message is New it is not correct. it should get message is completed.

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