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1. Warning

Adding new picklist manually when upgrading the new release of SKYVVA

To prevent some error, SKYVVA wants to warn you that every new picklist value created by us will not be overwritten when you upgrade to a new release of SKYVVA. However, if you install our latest release, you will have all those picklists include in the package. To be able to use those picklists you need to manually add them.

Adding the picklists value

In general, each type of picklist requires to set up in Fields & Relationships of the interface. It’s a custom field.

– Added “Integrate3x_API_Parameter” picklist value of record Type field in Interface control runtime object.

  • You can click “Setup” on the top of the interface page.
  • In the “Quick Find” box type the word “Object Manager” or click on the object manager tab
  • Click on Object Manager then scroll down the page to find the “Interface control Runtime” object or you can search it in the “Quick Find” box, then click it.
  • On the left side of the page, you will the panel select “Field & Relationship” field.
  • You can search the “Record Type” field in the “Quick Find” box or scroll down the page to find it.
  • Select the field and scroll the page down to find the value section. You will find some values are already there, so to add the new picklist just click the “New” button.

However, some organizations will face missing picklist values ‘Integrate3x_API_Parameter’. To avoid the problem please kindly add this value by check the box of the picklist value for a particular Record Type too.

– Added “Delete Specific Child” picklist value of the “Init Operation” field in the “IChained Interface” object.

Please follow the link for adding this picklist: https://apsara-consulting.com/docs/release-notes-skyvva-v2-42/1-warning/ is in the second title section.


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