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1. Warning


The mapping tool is removed from the Interface detail page

The mapping editor is removed from the interface screen to have it as an own screen. Some button like Save and Cancel has to be taken out from the data mapping section and put in the global section of the new screen. This button will save and refresh the mapping screen, it will save and redirect back to the interface screen. The user can still change the mapping. Only after he closes the screen it will return to the interface screen.

Adding new picklist manually when upgrading the new release of SKYVVA

To prevent some error, SKYVVA wants to warn you that every new picklist value created by us will not be overwritten when you upgrade to a new release of SKYVVA. However, if you install our latest release, you will have all those picklists include in the package. To be able to use those picklists you need to manually add them.

Message Name Format link is missing in Lightning Version

The custom link will not be overwritten when you upgrade to the latest version. You have to edit the custom link manually.

Query editor does not support with subselect

Please remember that our Query editor doesn’t support with subselect.


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