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Why to use Mule Skyvva Connector?


Salesforce Skyvva app is used to ease the use of Salesforce in a lot of ways. It helps you to create reusable integration and with respective interfaces. These integration and interfaces can be used to perform Salesforce related integration or operations. The same Skyvva app feature now you can use through Mule Skyvva connector. Mule Skyvva connector help you to achieve most of the Skyvva feature using Mule integration. You need minimum configuration to use your integration and interfaces in Mule.  This connector provide you the auto switch feature of an operation which mule internally handle and provide you best solution base on your request type.

Features available in Skyvva :

The various value-added feature will help and simplify the maintenance and operation of your daily integration with your Salesforce platform. Of course, you could say that you don’t need because everything works smoothly. But don’t forget the one day where some issues will arise and troubles start to appear sooner than you ever can think. I this situation you will not want to miss the additional value as the following examples below.

  • Monitoring
    Give you a second eye to see what happened on the Salesforce side. With the additional monitoring layer, you have a real end-2-end monitoring and have 100% view on both sides of the connected platform.
  • Reprocessing
    Give you a possibility to independently do reprocessing of failed messages in case the middleware is not alive and can’t resend the data. This is to fix an emergency case where you have to make a quick fix inside Salesforce to reprocess the data which get failed due to some business data inconsistency.
  • Alerting
    Give you real business error alert which deals with error happened on your Salesforce side and not an error which happened on the middleware. The alert is sent from the Salesforce side and therefore is a real and authentic alert cover the business data error on your Salesforce platform.
  • Workflow
    Let you define a rule and pre-condition to process the message so that you can block wrong and dirty data from being mess up your business data on the Salesforce side. Complex business validation can run as a pre-condition before the data get posted and after the data get posted you can do a post-processing logic using the SKYVVA workflow.
  • Business logic
    When you need to add business logic to the data posting Salesforce give you great and flexible tool like apex, trigger, process builder and flow. Use one of them to add business logic to your pure data processing linked to the SKYVVA interface.
  • Batch and Scheduling
    When your data synchronization requirement comes to meet a mass volume data updates it is not correct and technically possible to use a real-time approach. In this case, you should move the processing of these mass data to a later free time window where you don’t break down the performance of the Salesforce Org. and thus impact the end-user while their business working hours. Instead, you should shift the processing to a suitable time for example in the night starting from 10:00 pm.

You can refer https://apsara-consulting.com/about-middleware/ for more details why you need to use Skyvva.

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