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2. How to use Mule skyvva adapter?

The Skyvva Connector helps accelerate integration to Salesforce product Skyvva with Mule 4. Using this connector you can directly call Integrate, Integrate Batch and Integrate Synchronous functionality of Skyvva. The same can be used to send multiple package of message to a HTTP listener which will collect all your message before sending to the next processor. It also can be used for subscribing Salesforce topic (streaming api).


  1. Anypoint Studio 7.3.2+
  2. JDK 1.8
  3. Mule Runtime 4.1.4+

You need to create a Mule project to use this connector. Once you created the project add the following dependency in your pom.xml


The connector internally connect with salesforce to fetch the ouath token details required for Skyvva application.The following operations are supported by this connector. 

Use Mule pallet to search Skyvva connector. 










Integrate, Integrate batch, Integrate synchornous  and Subscribe need same configuration as bellow: 

Consumer Key:  Salesforce Consumer key 
Consumer Secret: Salesforce Secret key 
Username: Salesforce username 
Password: Salesforce password 
Base API URL: Salesforce base url for your application. 


















Use the Test Connection button to test the connection once you are done with your configuration. Some meta data for your transformation for this connector will work once you click on the Test Connection and the result is success. 


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