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5. How to use bulk api to push high volume data to Salesforce?

You can push high volume of data using Skyvva Sfdc bulk operation. Internally it used the salesforce bulk v2 api to complete your request. It will provide a response with bulk job details once the bulk job is completed. You need to configure your Skyvva interface with the SFDC Bulk v2 to use this feature for your interface.

Mule will list all the integration that you can select to use this operation. Base on your integration then Mule will show all the interface which has been configured to use Bulk. You need to configure both integration and interface in mule for this operation. The salesforce operation (insert/update/upsert/delete) need to be set in the skyvva interface. You need to configure how to deal with the empty field in your input data based on that configuration the empty field configuration, mule will be ignore the update of that value or will be set the value to null.

The below screen shows how it can be configured in mule for Sfdc bulk operation.


You can use a transform message before this component in Mule to set the input for this operation. The input required for this operation should be in json format. It will automatically shows you the metadata in the required format for your selected skyvaa interface. The below screen show an example of interface that used Account object. The relationship column will automatically shows you the in the required format in the transform message datasense.




The below flow will show an example use of the Skyvva Sfdc bulk operation.

The request and response for the above example flow is as below. If there will be any failure of record the same will be added as skyvva message.


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